Welcome to the homepage of a smartphone storage research project at the College of William and Mary!

In this work, to our best knowledge, we are first to provide an experimental study on how storage techniques affect power levels in smartphones and introduce energy-efficient approaches to reduce energy consumption. We evaluate power degradation at several layers of block I/O, focusing on the block layer and device driver. At each level, we investigate the amount of energy that can be saved, and use that to design and implement a prototype with optimal energy savings named SmartStorage. The system tracks the run-time I/O pattern of a smartphone that is then matched with the closest pattern from the benchmark table. After having obtained the optimal parameters, it dynamically configures storage parameters to reduce energy consumption. We evaluate our prototype by using the 20 most popular Android applications, and our energy-efficient approaches achieve from 23% to 52% of energy savings compared to using the current techniques.


  • 9/2013: 2 talks on SmartStorage were given at ETH Zurich on 9/9 and 9/12

  • 6/2013: 2 posters accepted to UbiComp 2013; 1 paper accepted to UbiComp 2013 Doctoral School.

  • 5/2013: "Storage-aware Smartphone Energy Savings" full paper accepted to UbiComp 2013!

  • 12/2012: U.S. Patent filed.